Mobile family game and party game- The Name Game

Millennials may find it hard to believe, but there was once a time without laptops and mobile phones, apps and iPads. It may literally be a lifetime ago for some, but in the not too distant past, families spent many an evening whiling the hours away playing games together.

With all the digital distractions today, sadly these moments can seem few and far between. Gone are Snakes and Ladders, Clue and Monopoly. Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga seem to dominate kid’s attention, which are great – but they’re not exactly fun for the whole family.

For those parents looking to pry their kid’s attention from their laptop or iPhone and spend some time with their family, there is a remedy – family games online.

Why Family Game Night is Important

For some families, game night is a long-standing and treasured tradition. For other families, game night is an event that they wish they took part in more often, only to be thwarted by unwelcome distractions.

But, when all’s said and done, family game night is one tradition that it would be sad to forgo – and hey, there’s no reason traditions shouldn’t evolve!

Did you know that playing family games online actually helps children and adults alike to forge better relationships with their peers, increases competitive spirit, drive and determination and even helps shape emotional well-being?

Not only that, playing games are a great way to bond families together, making everyone feel more secure and content with each other and their lives in general.

What Types of Games Bond Families Together?

Now, it’s obvious that games bond families together, but are some games better than others at putting a smile on everyone’s face? Absolutely.

A good family game is fun for the whole family. As fun as Trivial Pursuit is, we can’t really imagine a seven-year-old knowing who was elected President of the USA in 1989!

The best types of family games aren’t just those name games for adults, but games that people can enjoy of all ages, from 8-80! Joyous celebration in getting a right answer can be shared by everyone, with a round of applause compulsory for anyone, whether young or old, who gets the right answer when you really, really didn’t think they would.

In addition to being fun for the whole family. simple games are often perfect for families. Who wants to spend hours understanding complicated rules and instructions – children become bored in minutes, often turning to the device that’s within eyesight.

Why The Name Game is Ideal for Families

So much more than one of the best name games for adults, The Name Game is fun for the whole family. This frantic, yet fun guessing game where players try to score the most points for their team by correctly guessing names of famous characters has varying degrees of difficulty and different versions for children and adults alike.

It doesn’t matter if your kids aren’t overly familiar with twentieth century inventors as they’re sure to know celebrities, actors and sport stars – they may just even put the adults in the room to shame!

Adults who are fond or brain teasers aren’t forgotten either. With varying degrees of difficulty and a range of famous names, the adults in the family will have to get their thinking caps on!

Best of all, The Name Game gets everyone working as a team, and with just thirty seconds to guess the right name, you’re sure to need mum, dad, your sister, brother, auntie or uncle’s help!

To experience one of the best family games online, go to, gather your family and get guessing!

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