Mobile family game and party game- The Name Game

Much maligned, yet consistently employed by parents the world over, apps are undeniably a great way to entertain spirited kids.

But what if apps could offer something more than a distraction for parents who seek just a few moments of peace and serenity? Well, they can! Apps can engage kids, helping them develop memory and retention skills, visual and pattern recognition abilities and, when played with the whole family, valuable social skills to name but a few.

Parents, don’t feel guilty when you feel forced to sit your young one on the couch with an iPad as you work into the evening prepping for that all-important meeting the next day, choose an app that will stimulate learning.

Learning Can Be an Active Activity

When in the classroom, learning is a passive activity. Sure, there is some participation and engagement but for the most part, kid’s education is predominately instructional. Now, that’s fine – and has proven effective throughout the generations – but learning can also be an active activity.

Learning by doing is highly effective. By engaging kids outside the classroom in all the fun of android TV games parents are teaching valuable skills, cementing what their kids have already been taught in the classroom.

Level-based apps also instil a determination to succeed and an ambition to improve on existing abilities. Most importantly, apps are fun, and who doesn’t learn more when they’re having fun!

Kids Can Learn Anytime, Anywhere

With apps, kids can learn and improve essential learning skills anytime, anywhere. Whether sat at the kitchen table at seven in the evening or resting lounging on the couch on a lazy Saturday afternoon, all kids need to do is pick up their iPhone and begin learning!

Why is this so important? Well, for starters kids don’t feel as though they’re being forced to expand their minds. School is great – but it’s compulsory. We’re certain that, given the choice, kids would prefer to be hanging with their friends or hitting the top score on Super Mario Brothers! The great thing with apps is that they encourage independent learning – a skill that’s imperative for kids to acquire as they grow and mature.

Are there more reasons to encourage your kids to play apps? Of course. Apps offer varied interactive entertainment. Some are solitary, but fun apps, like The Name Game encourage group participation. This helps kids develop social skills – from communication to recognising that nobody likes a sore loser!

Learning How to Navigate the Digital Landscape

We live in a digital world. Introducing kids to online games and apps from an early age enables them to learn how to navigate the digital landscape to the point that it becomes second nature to them.

Playing games, like The Name Game online helps kids to understand how digital media works. Just like learning their multiplication tables and the difference between an adverb and a pronoun, understanding how to successfully use digital media isn’t merely helpful for kids – it’s essential!

Learning how to navigate the digital landscape using interactive android TV games is one of the best ways for kids to learn all about the digital world we live in. As with any education, a solid understanding of the basics will allow kids to tackle more effective problems – meaning that their digital skills will evolve quicker!

So, if you’re looking for a way to engage your kids, go to Joinup.TV today and get them engaged in an educational way to pass the time!

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