Mobile family game and party game- The Name Game

No more is team camaraderie more important than in the office. A happy team is a productive one, and a productive team is one that will excel – spreading the good vibrations across in the office.

Now, we’re all aware of the ways to foster that team spirit. Corporate retreats and social events are just two. But, what if you’re intent on being a little more creative in the way that you choose to bond your team? What if you want to do something a little different, a little more memorable?

Online party games are a great way for colleagues to take some time away from the hustle of the office, but so too are these suggestions. Try one and you’ll be surprised by the results!

An Air Guitar Battle for the Ages

Most of us have dreamed of being centre stage for the Glastonbury Sunday evening set or playing to screaming fans at sold out stadiums the world over. Is there anything cooler than being a rock star?

Now, not everyone can be Robert Plant or Ozzy Osbourne (nor would some want to be!) but we can all pretend for a little fun. Encouraging the office to indulge in an air guitar battle for the ages, is a great way to cut loose, have some fun and forget, if only for a moment, about the daily grind.

Great for an end of the week or month celebration, air guitar battles can really colleague’s out of their shell. All you need to do is split the office in several teams and let them decide who’s going to belt out the lyrics, who’s going to smash the drum set and who’s going to strum like Jimi Hendrix!

The Minefield

If you want to improve trust and communication in the office, there are few better games than minefield. Granted you’ll need an open space, so taking your team to a communal area or parking lot is essential, but minefield is simple, and fun – matching the engagement of many online party games.

Once you’ve gathered everyone together, haphazardly distribute cones around the communal space or parking lot with just enough distance between each so that anyone can take a few steps in any direction without colliding with a cone or two.

Next partner colleagues in teams of two. This is where teamwork and trust really count. Hand a blindfold to one partner and ask him or her to obscure her vision. His or her partner is then tasked with guiding them through the minefield with only verbal instructions for guidance – all the while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Great for building trust and enhancing communication, minefield is a tried and tested way of bonding office’s together.

The Name Game

Of all the online party games to choose from, there is one that translates well to an office environment and provides heaps of fun for everyone – The Name Game.

All you’ll need is a TV and a smartphone (and we’re confident everyone has one of those!) Separate your office into two, three or more teams and get started.

All you need to do is visit Joinup.TV, punch in the code and away you go! Each team will compete against one another to guess as many names as possible in thirty seconds.

Great for building a healthy competitive spirit and for, well just plain having fun, The Name Game could even become a staple office activity come late Friday afternoon – just remember it’s addictive! Don’t be surprised come mid-morning, lunchtime and afternoon breaks you find the office guessing name after name before settling back at the desks, happy, refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

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