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‘Dinnertime is family time,’ how many parents find themselves repeating these words come early evening? We’re guessing more than a fair few.

Children, especially young children, can’t wait to shovel their dinner down, before returning to their iPad or game console, parking themselves in front of the screen until bedtime.

What if there was a way that parents could make dinnertime fun and engaging for the family, sharing in quality time, strengthening bonds and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Fortunately, there is! All you need to do is play family games online, or engage the family with one of these simple, yet fun games.

Finish the Story

A great way to foster creativity in children, Finish the Story is up there with The Name Game as one of the most effective ways to add a little fun and learning to the dinner table. Not only that, it’s easy to play around the dinner table once the plates have been cleared away.

Mum or Dad can start a story but saying the first sentence and each person around the dinner table takes turns adding to the story. Make it funny and children will quickly be giggling as their imagination run wild! You can limit the story so that each person in the family can only add a single sentence to the story – or be ambitious and ask children to recite an entire paragraph.

As with engaging family games online, Finish the Story is fun for the whole family. You could even begin with a well-known riddle such as, ‘As I was going to St. Ives’ and put your family’s unique spin on the tale!

Who am I?

Not entirely dissimilar to The Name Game, Who am I? tests children’s knowledge of significant figures in our culture or history. Simply pick a person that the family knows and give a brief narrative about them.

You could say, ‘I am a famous singer. I have released ten studio albums. I am signed to the record label, Rotana. I am married to famous Qatari rally champion, Mubarak Al-Hajiri. I am a judge on MBC’s Arab Idol.’ Got it yet? I am Ahlam Ali Shamsi!

The great thing about Who am I? is that it can be played different ways. You can get your children to ask you questions, dropping hints until they know who you are, or make short statements. If you’re feeling a little theatrical, you can even drop in one or two impersonations – something that’s sure to have everyone giggling!

Fantasy Dinner Party

As you’re already sat at the dinner table, why not play a game about hosting a dinner party? Ask everyone seated (including your children) who they’d want to invite to their dinner party and why.

This is a great way for you to learn more about who your kids admire and aspire to become, disclosing much about their personality – and maybe even helping you to learn something that you didn’t know about them! Like The Name Game, Fantasy Dinner Party tests everyone’s cultural and historical knowledge of famous faces, whilst being fun for the family.

As an extra twist on the game, why not get everyone to write down the names of each person they’d invite to dinner and seat the accordingly around the dinner table. You never know, in a few short years, you may just find yourself attending that very same dinner party!

If you’re looking for a great game to play with family and friends, The Name Game is just for you.

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