Mobile family game and party game- The Name Game

Be the Toast of the Party Season with The Name Game


How often have you been to a party where everyone stands in small groups, chatting discreetly about work, the football match or what’s happening in the world? Now, we’re all for stimulating and sophisticated conversation but, first and foremost, a party should be just that – a party…it should be fun!

Party games are a great way to get people interacting, laughing, and meeting new people in a comfortable and fun environment. After all, aren’t those the parties that we all remember?

The Name Game is a will get your guests engaged – making you the toast of the party season. This simple game can really bring out your guest’s knack for impersonation, and test their knowledge of popular culture or the great figures of history and fiction!
The Simplest Ideas are Often the Best!
Getting the party started couldn’t be simpler. Your team is given a name of famous characters and challenge your guests to name them. As you go along, you drop clues and hints as you guide them towards the name – whilst avoiding the obvious!
You can have so much fun just listening to others trying to name that person – especially if they’re way off the mark! Once someone has correctly named the answer, guests will cheer, clap and applaud you for your perception and wit, before jumping from the couch, eager to try their luck.

Try to score as many points as you can for your team in under thirty seconds. Once everyone’s had a try, the winner is the player whose clues have correctly helped everyone guess the most correct names. It’s that simple!

The More the Merrier

The Name Game can be accessed by everyone. All you need is a smartphone and a television screen. It’s the co-op party game for the digital age!

Forget passing pencils around and squinting to read someone’s handwriting on little scraps of paper, The Name Game is a fully interactive gameplay experience! FREE to download on Roku, all you need to do is hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button to join the thousands of people across the UK and beyond, who are already having fun hosting parties and guessing names!
Grab your smartphone and go to Joinup.TV to be a part of the fun. Enter in the room code and punch in your player name. Next, enter the names of famous characters, hit enter and you’re ready to go. Guest as many as you can as the clock ticks away to become champion. It’s really that easy!

Something for Everyone

Not all that up on your celebrity culture? Unsure if Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon? Don’t worry, The Name Game has something for everyone. Be champion of the celebrity name game before trying your hand at the fictional characters version – making learning fun and engaging!
You can even tailor a game to your party. Hosting a Star Wars party? Decided to throw a fancy dress party with guests coming as the great fictional characters? Why not make the experience more memorable with round after round of The Name Game.
Gather your guests in the living room, open the app and turn on the television for some good old belly-aching as they try to guess the names with your friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Get naming today at Joinup.TV!

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