benefits of playing Android games

Stop the press! Far from being detrimental to your health, playing android TV games promotes positive psychological well-being.

Most of us are aware that excessively playing TV and video games can have a negative impact on our psychological well-being. Studies have highlighted that those that play TV and video games hour after hour every single day may result in exaggerated aggression, prolonged dissociation and melancholic depression as those that play games retreat increasingly inward.

However, what is seldom reported is that when played for reasonable amounts of time, android TV games improve cognitive development. Recent studies have discovered that playing these types of games can stimulate neurogenesis, or the growth of new neutrons, and connectivity in the brain regions responsible for strategic planning, memory formation and spatial orientation, in addition to motor skills.

So, according to psychological research, playing online party games with friends is good for your brain! Let’s look at the benefits in a little more detail.


Cognitive Development

Playing android TV and video games is not only fun for everyone, but it positively affects our brains. Research into different types of games found players exhibited faster and more accurate mental allocation and higher spatial resolution in visual processing. Basically, those that play games can recognise and identify environments quicker and more efficiently.

Not only that but, playing video and android TV games appears to improve neural processing and efficiency as we develop. In a nutshell, this means that the time needed for player to learn and replicate information is greatly reduced.


Increases Motivation

Playing online games with friends and family fosters a healthy competitive spirit and motivates players to excel. This can help to boost self-esteem and help younger players foster the value of persistence to achieve one’s goals.

In addition, playing online party games with friends helps young people realise that intelligence and success is incremental (something that will increase with time and dedication) and teaches patience.

It’s also widely accepted that playing games with friends teaches everyone strong social skills. These include how to be a gracious winner and not to be a sore loser – attributes that will endear you to other people and can help to boost your social circle.


Healthy Emotional Development

We play games to improve our mood. Games such as The Name Game can connect us to our peers, lift our spirits when we are down and even help us for long-lasting bonds to others – such is the power of happiness and laughter.

However, these aren’t the only positive benefits of playing android TV games. Group success can provide everyone with a sense of fellowship and pride and help us to foster the importance of achievement throughout our lives.

In heightened examples of this, many players can use the positive feelings associated with playing TV games with friends and transfer the emotions felt to other areas of their private life, or even their professional life. Very often, drawing on the confidence gained from success in one area of one’s life can encourage success in other areas.

In short, playing The Name Game may just make you into a more confident, outgoing, fun-loving and capable person!

The Name Game is one of the more fun, social and exciting Android TV games you’re ever likely to come across. To find out how you can connect with friends, throw a party for the ages, or learn about celebrities and historical figures, go to the home page and see how playing this game, if only for a short while, will make you feel great!

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