Mobile family game and party game- The Name Game

The festive season is almost upon us. A time to relax, take stock of the year, and celebrate with friends and family. It’s also a time for fun, and Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a party or two!

Hosting the Christmas party of the season requires some planning – and several elements to get your guests in the festive spirit. Decorating your home for the festive season is a given as is downloading those seasonal sing-a-long medleys to your iPhone, and, of course, you simply can’t neglect the turkey and stuffing.

But, what else is there? Well, no Christmas party would be complete with seasonal party games. Add some much-needed some fun and frivolity your dinner party with these party games.

Christmas Charades

Arguably the consummate party game, believe it or not charades has been entertaining party-goers since the French social circles of 19th century. Friends would gather together and witness dramatic silent performances, trying to guess a specific word or phrase.

Come the season of goodwill, homes across the globe host games of charades, with guests enduring this enduringly fun game. All you’ll need to engage your guests is a timer, pens or pencils, a few slips of paper, and some rudimentary acting chops.

Putting a festive spin on this popular game is a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas. Tailor each word or phrase to something that’s synonymous with Christmas and watch your guests giggle, laugh and smile as you put their knowledge of the festive season to the test.

True or False

Sometimes simple games are the best. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re all for TV party games, with their immersive and fun experiences, but what if you want something a little simpler.

Great when hosting Christmas parties with a group of new friends, true or false involves one speaker who states three facts about themselves. One is true. Two are false. Guests are then invited to quiz the speaker to discover which statements are fibs and which one is the truth. Once everyone in the group has had their chance to ask or two, the group then collectively decides the truth from the fibs.

True or false is made even more fun by adding a Christmas twist. Share a funny Christmas experience – I’m sure we’ve all got one or two! You can even be bold and sandwich a personal truth, or claim to fame in between two lies. This’ll surely get everyone talking – especially if you share the year that you burnt the turkey or sang frightfully out of tune when carolling.

The Name Game

Looking for a TV party game to excite, bond and challenge the friendly competitive spirit of your guests? If so then, there’s one game you should play this Christmas – The Name Game.

All you’ll need is a smartphone, a big screen, some general knowledge – and oh, some party guests of course. The frantic guessing game where players try to score the most points for their team by

guessing the names of famous characters in under thirty seconds. Test your knowledge of historical characters, global sports stars or iconic actors. The team that correctly guesses the most names is crowned victorious and retained the bragging rights – until the next round.

Perfect for guests who have a broad range of knowledge, The Name Game is the perfect game to play when you gather your guests for a good Christmas celebration. A word of warning though – the game is known to cause unusual behaviour and hysterical laughter!

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